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The Chinese "Deng" Solution

The Deng Solution
Who’s Deng Xiaoping? Deng was a small, and some might say, slightly pudgy guy with glasses, a polar opposite of the current, XI Jinping. Deng, however , was the greatest leader of China since Qin Shi Huang and is known as a “Hero” in China’s great evolution for its people.  

This little guy came through the ranks, carefully praising Mao’s philosophy to stay alive then rescuing his nation from the “Third World” of Socialistic poverty and aftermath of continuing starvation and death of millions. Wow!

Deng privately had ideas to transform China. Deng, understood that confronting Mao’s teachings would be death so he co-opted and glorified them while quietly constructing a capitalistic capability that would capture work for the 100’s of millions impoverished citizens.  Deng’s Maxims were “It doesn’t matter if a cat is white or black if it catches mice!” Capitalism or Socialism meant little.  Increasing the health and quality of life for China’s citizens in a real way was his goal!  Deng’s very private axiom was “”Kau Fang” (open up) China to the fees and money being made by Japan and others who were manufacturing goods for other countries. Japan, taught by W. Edwards Deming and was thriving. It was reported that Deng read Deming thoroughly.

Deng emulated and copied much of the Japanese process adopted after the war. The major difference was the degree of State ownership and authoritarian control on the back-end. The front-end of promotion and aggressive deal making was copied and made very successful.  Deng used this not for power but, to expedite Capitalistic functions. The University trained teams were sent all over the world soliciting business and assisted industry drawing up plans and delineating needs. These intelligent business expeditors brought back desired jobs which were reviewed and when approved expedited at unhindered rates of speed.

What we see today in China is a “front-end” Capitalistic juggernaut attached to a back-end modified with a primary directive. “Take and do business while making that technology and manufacturing capability China’s own!” Deng leaned heavily on the methods of the Japanese and W. Edwards Deming to create present day China. China’s ambition under Xi Jinping currently is to continue the march and continue China’s capitalistic growth. China is also buying gold at prodigious rates. If they exceed 8000 Tons, they may well become the world’s primary Reserve Currency very soon; the rewards of capitalism.   

The Lesson for America:  (Manufacturing Jobs for High School graduates!)
Today, and for decades, America has lost economic focus. In the 1800’s each State, largely unencumbered by too much central Government regulation, thrived as we outstripped England, our primary competitor. THINK! Our Constitution called for States to have the greater freedoms! They are currently slaves to the whim of central Government!

It was not until President Wilson that central Government began to get intrusive.  The lesson we learned from that intrusiveness came 10 years later in the form of a great depression. Why did we not learn that lesson? The wars bailed us out and for 20 years America’s private industries after the war were  pre-eminent.

NOW, in the last 12 years we have increasingly arrived at more inefficiency and Socialism. We need jobs and Deng’s model, not Keynesian money models, is the way! The solution is to turn the States loose from overbearing federal regulation. Let them seek out business overseas, woo them here which would create jobs for hundreds of thousands! Do whatever it takes to compete as did China!

China was held back by heavy Socialism and now, through Republican and Democrat Presidents, that same “Socialism” is unfortunately here! Don’t make excuses, we are Socialistic! Will we meekly submit to a form of government akin to the Soviet Union? We, our generation has allowed and accepted non-competitive attitudes and an expectation of Governments money in return for crippling Central Government control.

President Johnson’s Welfare and other social programs in the 1960’s, President Nixon’s actions as well as President Carter enlarging Federal Agencies and allowing Unions in Government, restricting States from bringing in industry was all disastrous. The massive growth of power and wealth in Washington DC’s central Government and its Agencies exists for their benefit without any real ambition for job creation or individual freedom other than their own!

Today, in America, control on citizens is the priority. Look at the NSA! Is that Capitalistic to have cell phones and autos tracked of every citizen or calls and systems communications all recorded in the billions? Look at national social government programs for over 1/3 of our population. Where are their Jobs?  We are now where China had been. Back-end central Government throttling our States’ front-end capitalism in manufacturing! Stop This Now! We must learn Deng’s lesson!

We taught the world of Capitalism’s benefits while slowly, like poison, taking up their rejected Socialistic central model for social control of citizens and central government’s wealth and power! You must look! Accept what you see!

I am going to point out hard truth’s verifying this premise! Both parties have followed this disgraceful Path!  It began in 1912 under Woodrow Wilson. It abated through the wars and their positive after effects.

 Jefferson’s wisdom in his writing warned of this danger is as historically important as is Deng’s warning of central Government growth and its consequences.

Manufacturing  In America:
Manufacturing was America’s mainstay. As late as 1957 manufacturing and assembly made up well over 70% of all work capable men and almost 60% of the total workforce. Today men in manufacturing make up less than 4% to 5% of the manufacturing workforce. Look at the differential! More than any other number, this sets our current Socialistic plight into place.
 A high school educated man in America has shrunk to dead-end part time work and our inner city kids are almost 50% unemployed.
Our government even structures numbers to minimize the effects.

America's Recovery:
America could get back to global dominance but, we must require once again the pretext that unrestrained State freedoms from central Government Agencies. Executive Orders must be restored to create and draw back into America the manufacturing jobs from the world we have lost! In the 1950’s before the central Government’s choke hold on States increased, America exported real manufactured goods far more than it imported and made far more money than we spent. America must get back to that if it is to survive. The Government must speak truth to this and not the half truths and outright lies!

Examples of our Federal Government excesses: (USA Today)

          2009:   Federal Employee average pay and Pension- $123,049
                      State & Local                                                   $68, 913
                      Private                                                             $61, 051

One of the surest signs of central Government Socialism is this imbalance.  That’s 2009. It’s even worse today by another 10% spread

America has a greater percentage of real unemployment/under employment than in the Great Depression! More of welfare, disability, unemployment, food stamps, free Medicaid, on & on!
We need JOBS! Not Socialistic solutions! The States must be set free to chase them down and bring them in uncontested by Federal Government regulation!   

Should central Government be this expensive and should we have debt created by this Government of over $17 Trillion dollars? Is this a Capitalistic model or an ever more socially active but, destructive force?  

The answers from Deng provided the front-end solution. American States are our front-end and must be free to compete without central Government back-end restraint or burden.  The “Front-End” must become competitive internationally in bringing production and manufacturing back doing competitive manufacturing instead of our American companies going overseas. They want to come back!! Privately they say that! The central Government keeps them away.  (Read “America’s Economic Future” Very, very important

“Efficient production for the least cost, most efficiency and good distribution”! Deng’s mantra!

Figure that out. He pushed back a massively backward social structure (much like America now) and promoted a “Front-End” Capitalistic production structure that’s evolving positively every day for its people. We could do that for America! We must have a leader that places Economic health and growth above all other aspects of his agenda as did Deng. It has definitely not been the last two presidents!

1880 -1890 when America arrived as the top manufacturer and exporter over our parent England Three American Presidents saw that occur. It didn’t matter. . The States then were truly independent then and not terribly restricted by Central Government. That was the difference!  Now the States are slaves of central Government and every day more and more ties and burdens are thrown around them.

America “was” the greatest Capitalistic power in the world. No Longer! We have sunk into Socialistic control of self-serving Central Government. We are getting much like Old China.  We have only one path as had Deng! The answer Deng provided is “Business sought after and brought into China and served by their citizens is first and foremost!” America must follow that immediate direction. We have been badly served for well over 40 years by our central Government and are at the last stages of democratic and capitalistic freedom. Read: “America’s Economic Future” @ for a far more detailed solution of our problem!!

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