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China's Global Conquest

August 7, 2017

The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,

It is written in public board minutes of the Chinese constructed Belt and Road Initiative (The New Silk Road) and publicly announced by China’s leader Xi Jinping that, during final stages in the Asian Silk Road and that completion, Central and South America will be their next target.
The current Belt and Road Initiative, carefully studied as its progression continues, displays both political and economic power ceded by participating countries to Xi Jinping of China!  Already, there are distinct signs of direct physical and political Chinese control over the affected Nation States, Cities and affiliated territories at a national and local level creating what seems to be reminiscent of “Vassal States” and occupied territory.
Given the above, doesn’t it concern the USA, when Xi Jinping makes public statements of his Silk Road corporate proxy’s active intent to replicate next their Silk Road in all of Central and South America? Chinese officials are already in South America in negotiation! 
Will an “Americas Project” contain the same sense of occupation and economic compromise to the ruling government?   Given that, should it not be worrisome when the Americas become the next target of a China controlled and dominated “Silk Road” in Central and South America already announced by the China controlled Belt and Road Initiative operations at their Board Meetings?
I stand ready to be part of a Fact Finding Mission to ascertain the facts of what real controls by China on these current Asian governments were initiated both short term and long term in Eurasia. That same process will be coming to The America’s as promised by their board minutes published and verbally stated in public announcements. We should be very concerned!

I suggest an independent study of Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative now while there is time and opportunity to make a “Silk Road” structure under the auspices of USA, Britain and Spain in Central and South America to counter what may be a very grave national risk imposed by China!
It will be our Banks and Large Corporations lobbying that will stop Xi Jinping in Central and South America by involving America’s industry and political will to create a USA and Ally’s solution and stop this most grievous invasion! 
America must be the leader of any Belt and Road Initiative in the America’s, not China.

Matthew Burns
Burns & Burns International, Inc.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Article from Big Government - Terror in America

Horowitz: ISIS Raises the Stakes of a Porous Border

by Daniel Horowitz, September 4, 2014


During his Labor Day speech on Monday, President Obama attempted to invent a new constitutional right – one that should alarm all conservatives, especially during this time of grave national security concerns. As he ticked off his litany of principle rights he supports, such as “women’s rights and civil rights,” he added an item to the list – “immigration rights.”


It is with this oblivious utopian ideology that the Obama administration plans to grant amnesty to illegal aliens, including those who overstayed their visas, offering legal protection to thousands of individuals who pose as a security threat. He is also threatening to expand immigrant and non-immigrant visas without the support of Congress.

Conservatives must be clear, that while reasonable people can debate the amount and type of immigration from a policy standpoint, the notion of a constitutional or natural right for anyone in the world to come to the United States is a radical and dangerous one.  Moreover, with the proliferation of Islamic terror, such a policy would represent the most clear and present threat to our national security.

Most ordinary Americans – people who do not modify their common sense views to conform with the Washington elite – were probably watching the arrest of Ailina Tsarnaeva, the sister of the Boston Marathon bomber, and wondered the same thing: why do we let people who are potential security risks into our country in the first place? Why do we allow persecutors like the Tsarnaeva family into America as asylees?

According to the Heritage Foundation, between 2001 and October 2012, there have been 53 attempted terror attacks since 2001.  Almost every one of them was plotted by a radical Muslim who came here legally – through our front door – from a region of the world that clearly represents a security threat.

We definitely need to go on offense against radical jihadists overseas when appropriate, and one can make a strong case for bombing ISIS into the Stone Age in the Middle East. But, the front line against any terror threat to our homeland is not abroad, it is at our points of entry. What is the point of expending American military resources overseas when we let terrorists in through our front doors – either with temporary visas or refugee and asylum status?

While our porous southern border represents a gaping hole in our national security, the criminal negligence of letting in terror threats through our legal points of entry is even more egregious. After all, the 9/11 hijackers did not fly into our buildings on planes that came straight from terrorist training camps in Afghanistan. They didn’t even come across our southern border. They were let into the country legally and were granted visas.

Last week, ABC News published a bombshell expose on the failure of our government to improve interior immigration enforcement and visa tracking even after the 9/11 terror attacks. They found that over the past year, 58,000 foreign nationals have overstayed their student visas, of which 6,000 represent a “heightened concern.”

In 2002, inspired by recommendations from the 9/11 Commission, DHS implemented the National Security Exit-Entry Registration System (NSEERS), a program which required visa recipients from countries that represent a security risk to register with a local ICE office. They had to account for exactly what they were doing in the country and could only leave the country through designated ports of entry. Hence, if an Egyptian national came here on a student visa, but dropped out of school in order to make bombs, DHS would have additional means of finding out about it. Obama’s DHS abolished the program in 2011, a move that, not surprisingly, was praised by theCouncil on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Not only do we let security risks into the country, it is clear that this administration has no interest in tracking them down. With the huge increase in student and exchange visitors from countries like Saudi Arabia – topping 96,000 in 2012 – it’s not a very comforting thought knowing that we have no way of tracking many of them. According to data compiled by the Brookings Institute, Saudi Arabian nationals received more student visas between 2008-2012 than all but three other countries. If only a small percentage of those receiving visas have jihadist proclivities, that’s an awful lot of ticking time bombs.

We need to ask important questions: is this the right time to massively expand visas and grant amnesty to all those who overstayed their visas – before we have any visa tracking system in place? At a time when student visas have grown from 662,966 in 2003 to more than 1.2 million, and without a security program in place, now is not the time to radically expand our visa programs.

Watching the massive anti-Israel protests throughout Europe over the past few months, many of which were filled with Nazi-innuendo, Americans are sure happy we don’t have to deal with that here. But in reality, these elements have been growing in many parts of our country, leaving many to wonder if the threats from ISIS are indeed already in the works in our heartland. According to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, there are already at least 100 American Muslims fighting for ISIS.

Conservatives need to wake up and demand true immigration reform before we follow the footsteps of languishing European nations.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sharia in America - Is this what our President wants?

The Florida Sharia Ban Law SB-58 was tabled and defeated on May 3rd  2013

Florida Bill SB-58 “American Law for American Courts” died a procedural death by vote of 100% State Senate Democrats. The two thirds majority required for passage of the Sharia Ban was not reached. The vote was 25 to 14. There were additional groups assisting Democrats against the Ban and its companion Bill HB-351. The Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a financially powerful Sunni Sharia Advocate Group, and ACLU were very heavily involved against this Bill. Republicans and groups favoring “The Sharia Ban” law failed when Republican Senator Nancy Detert mysteriously failed to vote.

It was a historic dichotomy to see the ACLU and Democrats who has championed women’s rights for over a century join with a Sharia Law Sunni group to fight for and vote in-mass to allow Sharia Law. Is Sharia compatible with western law? The answer is no. It imposes massive restriction and pain on women’s rights.

David D. Kirkpatrick New York Times reported from Cairo on March 14, 2013 about the election and strict Sharia Law introduced by the new Sunni President Morsi. Egyptian women having had more freedom under Mubarak were angry. Ms. Sharkawy, President Morsi’s political advisor, asked while brushing off a question of marital rape, “Is this a big problem we have?” Egyptian women responded quickly, “This is an example of their thinking wives said. They say this should be kept at home under protection of the family. A husband is entitled to have sex with his wife any time he wants. There is no such thing as marital Rape.”  Under Sharia Law for example, the husband alone decides if a woman can travel from the house or use birth control. It is said, in Cairo, that it was the women of Egypt that overthrew Morsi! 

In the time long before America, the Western Christian World and Muslim Caliphates had massive historic wars that spanned centuries. After the wars the Western European World, having been ruled by government religions like Catholicism and others, learned its lessons and created governments that sat in front of and had precedence over religion. The Islamic States have not yet evolved to that structure! Hence Sharia religious Law, when invoked, rules their population and their actions. That’s why President Morsi, a Sunni in Egypt, immediately introduced strong Sharia Law. It is another way of controlling and employing government excess. The population rebelled.  The Taliban(Sunni) in Afghanistan used these rules to control with violent beatings and death.  

Some sects are somewhat more benign and secular. However, Sunni sects have maintained their strict Sharia religion as a driving component of government. Interestingly those same Sunni groups attempting to insert Sharia law account for over 90% of most Muslim terrorist actions throughout the world as well as the USA .
·         World Trade Center (Twice)
·         Boston Marathon
·         Benghazi Consulate Killing
·         Hamas (Sunni) daily rockets in Israel
·         Closing of American Embassies
·         Malala Yousufzai (Young brave girl shot in head for wanting to be free)

In a 2010 National Geographic issue, Tahira Shahid Khan, a professor at the Aga Khan University, writes about Sharia Islamic law’s, “Chain to Custom”. He stated honor killings are “Perpetrated for a wide range of offenses, marital infidelity, pre-marital sex, flirting, or even failing to serve a meal on time.”

We have seen the immediate creation of Special Sharia Councils and Patrols throughout Europe, where Sharia Law was introduced for the Muslim population. The results of these practices in Europe and the dramatic negative outcomes should be studied by all.   

As an example, the world watched English TV with a soldier being beheaded by a young Muslim with a meat cleaver proclaiming Muslim Sharia faith justified this killing. Tony Blair, former Prime Minister said in The Daily Mail June 2nd 2013.  “The Government should be honest and admit there is a problem within Islam and implored officials to acknowledge radical ideology is profound and dangerous.” He meant Sharia Law. 
Ayaan Hirsi Ali  is the founder of the AHA Foundation and celebrated by TIME magazine as one of the 100 most influential people on Earth. She is currently a Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard to name just a few of her accomplishments. Her incredible background gives her rare insights to Sharia and Islam. She was Muslim. Hersi Ali interviewed by The London Evening Standard characterized Islam as “the new Facism” and believes it is the most negative climate for women.  When you believe in forced genital cutting on women it is cruel and painful. Women have no real freedom she writes. In Reason magazine, discussing this problem Ali said, “It’s not “Radical Islam” but, “Islam.”

Is the USA ready? No! Is the President as the head of his party ready? Apparently, yes.
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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Jeff Sessions Greatest Speech

Jeff Sessions, Once More Into the Breach

Just a little while ago, on the Senate floor, Jeff Sessions rose to denounce President Obama’s plan to move forward with implementation of his illegal and unconstitutional amnesty plan. In ringing terms, Sessions called on Congress to act forcefully to block Obama’s usurpation. Here are some excerpts from his remarks:
Mr. Sessions: It’s already starting. There is being rented today a building in Crystal City, Virginia, to house the announced 1,000 workers that will be needed to be hired to process the unlawful executive amnesty that the president has said he intends to execute. The president is already moving forward, he is rushing to impose his immigration views before the Congress can contain or restrain it, before the American people fully understand what is happening, and make it so it can’t be stopped.
His executive orders violate the laws of Congress, the laws that Congress has passed, in order to implement laws he wishes Congress had passed, but Congress has refused to pass. It refused in 2006, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2014. The American people through their Congressional representatives considered these kinds of proposals, they evaluated them, the American people expressed their views on them, and Congress said no. The people have been clear on this issue.
Perhaps no other issue defines the gap between the elites in this country and middle Americans who go to work every day, who support our country, pay our taxes and fight our wars. Our people want our laws that are on the books now enforced. And if new laws are needed, they want us to pass new laws to end this lawlessness. But this president rejects the will of the people. His policies nullify the laws that we have, shockingly direct federal agents to ignore the law, ignore their oaths and not enforce it, creating this lawlessness that stains our legal system and our country today.
But what I want to say to you is, colleagues, that the president has gone even further than that. He’s gone further than just saying I’m not going to enforce the laws, which he as president, the chief executive officer, is required to do, to execute the laws of the United States faithfully….But he’s moving forward with his immigration agenda, rejected by Congress and the American people. And he’s moving forward in a lot of different ways.
So is Congress hopeless, helpless, ineffectual, is it unable to stop this? Absolutely not. Congress has the power to control what the president does. It has the power to control what he spends money on. The president, the executive branch, cannot spend one dime that has not been approved by the United States Congress… So Congress has a responsibility and a duty here. Congress should fund no program, should allow no presidential expenditure that is spent on programs it deems are unworthy. And it absolutely has a responsibility to ensure that this president spends no money to execute policies that are in violation of existing law.
It has a constitutional duty, no matter what members may feel about the substance of the issue–and I have opinions on that. I opposed the president’s substantive position, but as a matter of law, separation of powers and constitutional duty–thunder and lightning!–this Congress should stop the expenditure of federal funds for projects that Congress has rejected….
Colleagues, even Secretary Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security, testifying a few days ago acknowledged that of these four, five million people who are going to be applying for legal status in America through the president’s program, there’s no way their applications are going to be evaluated. If they say they came to the country in 1999, nobody is going to check on that. They’re not going to see if they graduated from some school or had some job somewhere and investigate it. They’re simply going to act on the paperwork they’ve been given. And in many cases…there would not be any face to face meetings. You wouldn’t even go into an office and actually see the person. It would all be submitted by email and documents, which is highly risky, as the experts told us. You really need to see the person because it may not be the person they say they are.
So, colleagues, the situation is graver than a lot of people think. … October 28 of this year, the citizenship officer, Mr. Kenneth Polenkis, the president of an association of 12,000 officers, this is what he issued in a statement: “We are still the world’s rubber stamp for entry into the United States, regardless of the ramifications of constant violations of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Whether it is the failure to uphold the public charge laws, the abuse of our asylum procedures, the admission of Islamic radicals or visas for health risk, the taxpayers are being fleeced and public safety endangered on a daily basis.” That’s what Mr. Polenkis said. Has anybody ever called him to testify and lay out these dangers? Certainly not in the United States Senate.
President Obama, when he has his secret meetings with businesses and activist groups, they met all summer, people with their big money and their contributions. He met with them. Did he meet with Mr. Polenkis? No. Did he meet with the head of the I.C.E. Officers Association? No.
Mr. Polenkis says: “I write today to warn the general public that this situation is going to get exponentially worse and even more dangerous. … News reports have leaked information to the public of a USCIS measurement contract bid for a surge of printing of 34 million green cards and employment authorization documents to be provided by foreign nationals, a bid that predicts the administration’s promise of executive amnesty.” He goes on to say, “That is why this statement is intended for the public….Immigration agencies are pleading for your help. Don’t let this happen. Express your concern to your Senators and Congressmen before it is too late.”
“The attitude of USCIS management”–that’s the political appointees appointed by the president to execute his views of immigration–”is not that the agency serve the American public or the laws of the United States or public safety and nation security, but instead that the agency serves illegal aliens and the attorneys which represent them.”
What a statement. Who is the government supposed to represent? We represent the people of the United States who are lawfully here.
The president’s action will beget even more lawlessness in the future. It is a statement to the world, no matter what the law says, you come to America, you get to stay. You’ll not be deported. This is a recipe for disaster. It cannot work. What we need in this country, can achieve if Congress and the president will act, is to create a lawful system, enforce the law, to make it a system that we can be proud of, that’s fairly applied, a system that ends the ability of people to defraud our country and come in unlawfully and to serve the interests of working Americans.
That’s what it’s all about. Are we serving their interests or are we listening to special interests, political groups and activist groups, politicians who think they gain political advantage and certain businesses who want more, cheaper labor? Don’t we represent the vast majority of the people? Isn’t there a national interest, an interest of the American people? Somebody needs to defend that interest. It’s been lost in this process.
It is obvious to anyone who has paid attention that there is somebody defending the interests of the American people, and his name is Jeff Sessions.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Mental Cleansing of White American Youth

Most folks may not yet know about a coming program that cost many millions of dollars to develop.  It has been created by MTV and Viacom. It talks about removing “White bias” and offers  To CLEANSE!

If you’ve read about “Look Different” or heard about it! It seems to be an incredibly well researched program that explains to America that Bias may and does exist. Bias by Whites, especially youth, are indicated to exist toward many minorities like Black and Brown skinned individuals. It also points out bias against Gays, Transgender and other minority social beliefs. “Look Different” may also point out some bias with minority or majority Religious beliefs.

 To do this MTV has contacted and enlisted related groups in assisting them to discover these Biases. There has been some identification and very tough questions about many of these groups representing the communities who reportedly suffer under these biases.

A short list of very left leaning adviser organizations that Viacom and MTV thought was best to have as they plan to Cleanse your children are:
CAIR (A political Islamic organization), La Raza (A political Hispanic organization),
GLAAD (A Gay organization), NAACP (A well respected Black organization.) The Kirwan Institute Funded by the Ford Foundations and Others. These are all very left leaning and some socialistic trending organizations. One was watched by the FBI as a Terror subsidiary at some point in the past. This Author would advise you research this plan and its sponsors carefully, It appears very liberally Biased!

 What is important is Viacom, MTV and  these group’s focus seems to hold a belief that those creating or holding biases are predominantly “White”, conservative young folks.” And, again by my own referential logic, their parents!  The Study seems to identify these young people as the ones that need polite interrogation then “Cleansing week long!” (If that’s incorrect, it’s probably just my misdirected Bias and I ask for forgiveness. But please don’t “Cleanse” me.”)   

In this presentation of “Look Different” it seems that the stated biases being held by folks are against Gay and Transgender, Brown and Black colors, some religious beliefs and finally perhaps Liberal Thought itself.  In order to correct these biases the proposed recommendation seems to be identifying white folks with these “Biases” and then “Cleanse them.” A week Long Cleansing! Meaning, I suppose, a Wiping away or getting rid a bias once exposed.

My question is: Has the producers of this program really thought through the possible implications? My far less researched premise is: All people have Biases of some sort. These groups that contributed to “Look Different” probably had very strong biases. For example Liberal and Conservative thoughts are both biased. The producers are definitively Liberal. That is by any definition “Biased.”

America today, as compared to racial and sectarian violence throughout the Middle East, Africa, and part of Europe, has far less damaging biases than most other countries. America did not address the greatest injustice against the Black race quickly enough. That was the great failing in our Constitution.

 I do want to explain a slightly differing view. My humble view!

ALL PEOPLE HAVE BIASES!  The liberal groups above definitely have political Bias! However, we have fine and caring “Law Makers” that strive against destructive divisional biases successfully. We have democratically elected representative groups in cities and states defending and proposing changes politically to create a fairer society. Those groups doing that by their very action display BIAS! Is that bad? Isn’t it choice?

There may be unjust BIAS. However, that is a matter for “Legal Rendering” in my humble and biased opinion. Not for “CLEANSING!   That term is in itself troubling! What is also troubling is these groups want to push their Bias onto Children and Young adults.

With all due respect Viacom and MTV have biases. Biases are differing beliefs. It is difficult to socially decide which is right or wrong. Was it right for the white settler to have mistreated the red skinned brothers who were here first? NO! Was it right for plantation owners some of whom helped write the Constitution to have slaves? NO! Was it right for the North African Muslim Tribes to round up those Black tribesmen in Africa and sell them? No! Is it right for women under Sharia Law not to have basic freedoms? NO! Was it right for mostly White immigrants to move across the southern half of America? Maybe!  Was it right before that for the Spanish and Portuguese conquerors to take over most of South America at the disadvantage and possible extermination of some indigenous tribes? Maybe. Is it wrong for a liberal group of advocates to want to promote Liberal Bias by “Cleansing? Yes! Shouldn’t legally elected representative and legal scholars determine that? YES!

 My point is, history is history. Today, America is truly a melting pot and we are a dispirit group of cultures that do get along under a “Rule of Law” far better than Bias cleansing or others. We don’t allow Bias, or fights against Bias, to violate Law!  Law is better than Cleansing. If we decide “Socially” to pursue agendas that point out division and then try to CLEANSE, isn’t that condemning and blaming in violation of our constitutionally structured protections?

Threat of lynching is bad. Threat of retaliation for Bias is just as bad!  What’s next if your mental CLEANSING doesn’t work? More Social persecution for biases or, Maybe a Russian type Gulag or a Mao fashioned re-education camp? Extremes do happen.

Arguing who was right or wrong in history is the work of our “Laws and Elections” not for select groups representing factions to promote change with an end result of CLEANSING!  At least that’s my humble “BIAS”.  

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Silk Road: A Changing World

Written June 2014

This project has been a theory printed and discussed for several years by The Nation, The Strategic Culture Foundation, Huffington Post, and additional sources, even mildly in the New York Times. On May 20th and 21st of 2014 a private meeting occurred between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping in Shanghai, China. And now, this hypothesis seems to be reality! The largest civilization transformation project on Earth is now drawing near. As a result of this historic meeting, the Silk Road Project will go forward.

The Silk Road Economic Belt, Silk Road Maritime Expansion and Eurasian Economic Union to include countries as far west as Germany and Brazil is a real probability!  In this new reality, America seems somewhat excluded and its currency will not be predominant and at the very least frowned upon. The probable loss of trade and purchases away from the US Dollar may well be staggering to its value! Our international Wall Street banks, following the offshore positioning of our 1% rich of our nation as well as international industries, are now doing most of their business in other parts of the world as well as in other currencies.  However, America with very little in-country manufacturing will suffer greatly as its currency devalues. Only our agricultural sector, hard to relocate, will remain to profit and benefit. Our military will be used in hidden agendas to profit a few away from America’s greater good. 

Few people realize the total disregard that other Nations may have for this American President. Those countries know his ambition is to serve himself politically at the expense and possible harm of our once great country. Some countries use him and the military he controls for their good at American tax payer expense! In response, the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia India, China and S. Africa), along with smaller nations, will join to revitalize the G-20 while discarding the G-7 controlled largely by America and its few allies. That change may occur relatively soon! China, Russia, Brazil and India are drivers of this projects creation and expansion that will transform a substantial part of this world’s future commercial, political, physical, and economic direction.
The new "Silk Road Economic Belt, the Silk Road Maritime expansion" and "Eurasian Economic Union will be built." These ambitious world-changing plans seem to be at the exclusion of this American country and President. This new policy of Russia and China leaders seems to resist ceding any control to America and other non- participating governments apart from the expansion.

The BRICS Nations as well as the Shanghai Cooperation organization (SCO) are already setting forth plans for building the Asian and Eastern European areas into a consolidated power including massive Space technology to include immediate mining of the moon for rare minerals. Its’ other priority is modernized industrial capabilities and economies that in some ways reflect America’s great capitalistic past of the early and middle 1900’s. This group is using our capitalistic history as their guidebook even as we slide into their old forms of Socialism.

Today, they have together equaled or surpassed our base capabilities in space. The disassembly of NASA and our economic and industrial demise allowed by this president allows political weakness to block our transformation back to competitive capitalism that we need badly.  China and Russia have forged ahead.
China will reportedly have first tier access to the world’s largest Siberian mineral resources of oil, gas, platinum, palladium, gold and silver and rare earth materials plus much more. Russia reportedly will have access to industrial capabilities and technologies from China and India plus outlying areas of control. Silk Road Economic belt areas will receive assistance for modernizing old manufacturing and building new. These countries are moving in opposition to this American President who has stopped all real capabilities in American manufacturing growth. In effect, America may well become the poor large socialistic nation China used to be as they create with
Russia and others their new form capitalism that once we were the champion. 

This new consortium already plans a moon base for mining and a real space vehicle constructed on the moon without drawbacks of gravity. Putin and Xi Jinping once having control of the new G20 will control space as well. They will lead Asian areas and have great sway in parts of the West including a willing Germany. They will out-produce America which is not hard considering this President's actions of dismembering what’s remaining of America's manufacturing industry with EPA regulation and political hostility.

We have lost the secrets of Capitalism and are committing our disappearing middle class to third world status.  We are becoming what China and Russia used to be. They are becoming what we once were. With shared military resources they arguably become superior to ours for any territorial disputes.

The Sunni Sharia groups who president Obama seemed to favor in the past will be far less willing to challenge the new BRICS consortium led by China and Russia. They will instead try to take over America, parts of Western Europe and South America where they see weaker resolve. 

The New Future
Note: My thanks to The Diplomat and Strategic Alliance for a map and some excellent descriptive verbiage. 
According to the map, the land-based “New Silk Road” will begin in China before stretching west through Lanzhou (Gansu province), Urumqi (Xinjiang), and Khorgas (Xinjiang), which is near the border with Kazakhstan. The Silk Road then runs southwest from Central Asia to northern Iran before swinging west through Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. From Istanbul, the Silk Road crosses the Bosporus Strait and heads northwest through Europe, including Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Germany. Reaching Duisburg in Germany, it swings north to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. From Rotterdam, the path runs south to Venice, Italy — where it meets up with the equally ambitious Maritime Silk Road.

The Maritime Silk Road will begin in Quanzhou in Fujian province, and also hit Guangzhou (Guangdong pronvince), Beihai (Guangxi), and Haikou (Hainan) before heading south to the Malacca Strait. From Kuala Lumpur, the Maritime Silk Road heads to Kolkata, India then crosses the rest of the Indian Ocean to Nairobi, Kenya (the Xinhua map does not include a stop in Sri Lanka, despite indications in February that the island country would be a part of the Maritime Silk Road). From Nairobi, the Maritime Silk Road goes north around the Horn of Africa and moves through the Red Sea into the Mediterranean, with a stop in Athens before meeting the land-based Silk Road in Venice.

What does this mean? It means with the continued socialization of America by this president we have lost our economic direction and right to lead. Federal government is out of control. China, Russia and India have sufficient American debt to destroy our economy. They probably won't and don't need to use it. President Obama is destroying our will to be capitalists. His disregard for law or restrictions under our Constitution is now clear. He has tested our Constitution arguably in the 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment and 4th Amendment. To be fair the last president restricted the 4th as well. We have been badly led to compete.

There are additional dangers for the Silk Road operation that must be resolved for all parties. Mullah Muhammad Omar is in Qatar.  Mullah Omar is the most successful Leader/General in the history of Muslim lore since Salah ad Din (Saladin) in 1137 AD. Mullah Omar has been responsible for killing more American soldiers as leader of the Taliban and the war chief to Bin laden than any other since the Vietnam War! He has claim to much of the territory in “Silk Road.”President Obama owes the world to quit arming Sunni groups of any kind! These groups he arms will attack “Silk Road” as well.  

In order for America to move forward to be competitive: America has the greatest Agricultural capability on Earth even though badly restrained by this Government. Set it free, grow unlimited and export.  

America must regain the manufacturing base it once had from 1870 through the 1960’s. Failure to regain that will create a slow slide already begun with the last president and especially this president. We must stop this Federal Government singular rule policy and be again openly competitive and wholly “Capitalistic” unrestrained by federal government rules! Or America is doomed to be in a long cycle depression like Russia under a Stalin or a China under a Mao if we don’t.

China and Russia today are moving to what we were and what we invented. We must change Washington and their Socialistic rule of the States now or be lost along with future generations of our children!