Thursday, August 10, 2017

China's Global Conquest

August 7, 2017

The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,

It is written in public board minutes of the Chinese constructed Belt and Road Initiative (The New Silk Road) and publicly announced by China’s leader Xi Jinping that, during final stages in the Asian Silk Road and that completion, Central and South America will be their next target.
The current Belt and Road Initiative, carefully studied as its progression continues, displays both political and economic power ceded by participating countries to Xi Jinping of China!  Already, there are distinct signs of direct physical and political Chinese control over the affected Nation States, Cities and affiliated territories at a national and local level creating what seems to be reminiscent of “Vassal States” and occupied territory.
Given the above, doesn’t it concern the USA, when Xi Jinping makes public statements of his Silk Road corporate proxy’s active intent to replicate next their Silk Road in all of Central and South America? Chinese officials are already in South America in negotiation! 
Will an “Americas Project” contain the same sense of occupation and economic compromise to the ruling government?   Given that, should it not be worrisome when the Americas become the next target of a China controlled and dominated “Silk Road” in Central and South America already announced by the China controlled Belt and Road Initiative operations at their Board Meetings?
I stand ready to be part of a Fact Finding Mission to ascertain the facts of what real controls by China on these current Asian governments were initiated both short term and long term in Eurasia. That same process will be coming to The America’s as promised by their board minutes published and verbally stated in public announcements. We should be very concerned!

I suggest an independent study of Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative now while there is time and opportunity to make a “Silk Road” structure under the auspices of USA, Britain and Spain in Central and South America to counter what may be a very grave national risk imposed by China!
It will be our Banks and Large Corporations lobbying that will stop Xi Jinping in Central and South America by involving America’s industry and political will to create a USA and Ally’s solution and stop this most grievous invasion! 
America must be the leader of any Belt and Road Initiative in the America’s, not China.

Matthew Burns
Burns & Burns International, Inc.

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