Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Political Decline of America

This Article is an objective review of events and occurrences not commonly discussed since President Barrack Obama’s re-election.

Changing our historic Processes in Constitutional Construction
In a historic move on November 21st 2013, the Senate under Harry Reed, a name that may be placed in infamy and read by future citizens much like Benedict Arnold in terms of damage and betrayal to the Country, changed what was accepted Senate construction of our body of government for purely political gain!
President Obama in further display of apparent disdain for the American Founders intent had Harry Reed change 96 years of defined governing wisdom that had one body of three, the Senate, House and Executive, to be deliberative and away from single person decision or the simple majority of the other two. President Obama himself as Senator supported the deliberative intent of requiring 2/3 vote or 60 of 100 in Senate deliberations. Even Democrats like Senator Levin, one of the great Democrat Leaders in the Senate, cried foul, protested this change, and will resign. Sadly most of the Democrats voted for uncontested power of simple majority rather than deliberative intent of “Super Majority” or 60 of 100 votes as its format was suggested by our Founders! Why was this potentially injurious act to our Democracy committed?   

The real answer is: The Democrats wanted an easier path to questionable Presidential and Senate future goals.  But wait, would these future actions risk Supreme Court intervention? The President and Senate have added protections against that possibility. There is legal “Barrier Building” being constructed in the DC Court of Appeals, the second most important court as it affects our Government. All things attacking Presidential edict must pass through there! Are these future actions that may come from this Presidency so destructive and unpopular that they need this extra protection against Supreme Court intervention? What could they be?

As we speak…..there are now simple majority approved appointees of questionably biased judges in those D.C. judicial seats. Now, all protests of future questionable activity or activity that could affect or modify our very form of Government, freedoms and lives, will go through these carefully selected judges. This action gives the President possibly massive unchecked protection and thereby greater power. President Obama may well have a path never intended by our Founders.  
Coup Protection: An Act of appropriation and retention of Power. Has President Obama achieved this?
President Obama has changed or accepted resignations of approximately 12-15 military leaders in his five years? This seems, given all research, to be a record number resulting in restructuring of military leadership not seen in recent history. In other countries this is seen as “Coup Protection.” In the past, in many other country’s, presidents have acquired power through extra Constitutional means.  If they choose to keep it once having succeeded, they must guard against a counter move. That action can be termed a “Coup.”

ObamaCare's Great Dangers!
            Where to begin? The first and possibly gravest danger of ObamaCare is the continuing requirement to enter personal information very private that would allow identity theft easily and not be traceable. Each individual is at grave risk when the Obamacare  Program  has been publicly asserted by some of the best experts in this world of being vulnerable to hacking.  They have said publicly that this Software is incredibly vulnerable. It has been termed as Swiss Cheese. Imagine the ramifications of a software requiring such intimate and specific knowledge of individuals being mined by Hackers as we speak. The International Hacking groups will sell this information to groups skilled at violating all account identities and using the identities to establish more debt and ruin an entire group of citizens lives, perhaps millions of people because of pure political stubbornness. The Senate and the House, the People's representatives should exert all public efforts to insure the programs safety.

Making these decisions without giving precedent to citizen safety for their very livelihood and futures seems unforgivable for a President to do.  A System is checked by allowing outside experts to attempt to hack multiple times at each section of the software and then at the entire program once all software is completed. None of the Press has requested to see these proofs! Why? Millions of futures are at stake?? Isn't that enough danger? Millions more are going to be added daily!  HAS THE PRESS NO INSTINCT TO THIS POSSIBLE PANDEMIC OF CRIME ON MILLIONS OF INNOCENTS?           

Organizing For Action “OFA” (www.barackobama.com)         
Why did President Obama "For The First Time In History" as President create a “Private Entity” and solicit funds nationally and internationally by reportedly using his position and office?

President Obama with four years remaining, for the first time in our country’s history, created a 501C(4). This is a private corporation, Organizing For Action (OFA), and has possibly raised millions and rumored billions of dollars in private donations from unknown sources! There are thought to be very large amounts of funds that arrived from overseas, possibly the Middle East.  Remember, a 501C(4) is like a church, its books are private.

Questions on OFA:  Why and what is it for? Its leadership claims it is a grass roots entity to assist in passage of certain goals. This is a historical first for a sitting President. Does he have future uses planned?
OFA is under the leadership of Mr. Plouffe and Mr. Messina. Both of these men are political experts, very capable and well paid leaders! Sign-ups are estimated in the millions of people throughout the country. It is in all likely-hood already the richest Private entity. Below are questions!

Why is the National Press, so silent on this first time “Historic” event? Shouldn’t they investigate to find answers? Unfortunately they have slept.
  • How many people have signed up?
  • Who are they? 
  • What communities are in the majority?
  • What exact assignments and training are the members being given?
  • What are the primary tasks? 
  • Is there a mission to train regional grass root civil controls that might supplant or control at some point current civil control?  
  • Does OFA or its affiliates have accounts offshore?
  • Is OFA receiving money from “Tax Funded” entities?  
  • Why did the President get approval reportedly in 4-15 days for his entity while Conservative 501C(4)’s took months and years under scrutiny of the IRS?
  • Is OFA a consolidation of other ACORN-Like groups?
If President Nixon would have done the above, would the Press be so weak and disinterested?  The Press seems frightened which is understandable since A.P. and Rosen. Eric Holders actions are formidable and intimidating. Perhaps that’s the reason for this less than enthusiastic response? Part of the press seems afraid the other part is incredibly biased and possibly hostile.

"We're back to the Nixon era," says liberal scholar Norman Ornstein, “The era of undisclosed money and huge interests, dominating American politics.”  We think he meant Republicans, however, if it’s applicable to the goose? The press wasn’t hesitant when it was Nixon!

A majority Press seems disinterested in discovery perhaps because of Political bias. Is OFA possibly raising more money than the entire Democrat Party apparatus? We the public can see what that a Democrat Party is doing. However, unlike a “Party” structure, OFA does not have to open their books! OFA leaders claim they no longer take foreign donations which they reportedly did for very large amounts. It is not however difficult in this age to simply supply those same offshore donations through American subsidiaries.  
Is this new “People’s Party” introduced in the most secretive method immune to scrutiny?

Federal Employees (non military)
In order to govern in “Extraordinary Circumstances”; A President must have the loyalty of Government Employees. To gain that loyalty, income increases in salary and pension with separation of the society may be required. Unfortunately it becomes an “us & them” equation which would work to the advantage of politicians and to the determent of the private citizen.  USA Today published the chart below showing and proving this tragic separation. This should be troubling to all when Central Government grows far richer than the people governed.   



Graph of Federal and Private wage differential
The Chart above displays 2009 comparisons

These numbers tell a chilling story! The Federal workers compensation advantage has grown dramatically. The average Federal Employee with salary and benefits has “Double” the average of working private citizens. They also have virtually 100% job protection and no layoffs that result in compensation losses.  From a “Brave USA Today”, we find average Federal employee compensation in 2009 was an amazing $123, 049!  

That is then compared to “Private Sector” salaries that include the top 10% in Wall Street, large corporate salaries and superior Union incomes. Even with all that, it creates a meager   $61, 051.  That computes to an approximate 100% differential. Plus there is miniscule Federal Employee firing, layoffs or loss of pay! ObamaCare may well be subsidized for those who enlist as well!

An estimate for 2013 may be an astounding 120% differential in Federal Employee Wages as compared to Private Wages with benefits included!

Thursday, the 21st of November, America became more like an Executive run country.  Even Russia’s Putin has super majority votes in their citizen representative bodies. Perhaps Mugabe in Zimbabwe is a better example. The American Press has basically been very soft and feckless on this change of historic structure. SAD!

Do we have lazy, fearful or biased press that would pass this Constitutional crisis off as Not-That-Significant! This lack of intelligent reporting from a “Free” Press may allow destruction of our free society.

How could such changes in process in our Government under leadership desiring far more power come this far? What reasons or excuses could be used to go even further? Here are the current “Weak” excuses being offered for this concentration of “Central Government” power.
Proposed Islamic Threats:
            Islam has been a primary excuse for Federal Government under President Bush, who ignored these privacy risks and now President Obama defying our Citizen’s Constitutional rights. We have lost virtually all of our privacy rights under the 4th Amendment. Our every conversation, no matter where, can be heard by government. Our every movement can be tracked by Government. Electronic communication no matter how protected is available to Government. This was fashioned purportedly to discover Islamic terrorists. We should expose this as a lie!

The truth is America fought two major countries at once, Germany and Japan, both having well funded Armies, Air forces, Navies and massive production capabilities. We won! It is preposterous to say that Central Government needs to have absolutely all American citizens’ personal information to protect citizens! This seems far more to be for control of the population by the Federal Government instead! We must question and fight this road away real Democracy.  

Many Presidents throughout our history under Executive Order have emergency plans to put into effect giving them almost unlimited authority to take unilateral action given severe circumstance. This can be used if our country goes into some form of insolvency and riots begin. This could happen and we lose far more Freedom!
 President Obama created in March of 2012 an Executive Order of Authority to nationalize all resources for defense or Emergency. This is an all-encompassing order similar to orders prepared by other Presidents.  President Obama then extended that Order on “9/11/13”. The President could execute this order at any time. He now has a 10th Circuit Court of Appeals to protect him against Supreme Court Action!.
            The President has enhanced and made larger NSA to aid in gathering information on terrorists and by default citizens. Could a President who is willing to talk his Party into redefining voting structure in the Senate changing practices that have been in effect for over 96 years and then setting buffers in front of the Supreme Court be trusted with the massive citizen information stored by the NSA. Would that then be used to pursue far tighter control of the population given a State of Financial Emergency?  These questions must be asked and answered! 

If these concerns are just mistaken conjecture; let’s have public debates with selected individuals smart and articulate to talk about this before something more unfortunate occurs. But, let’s not have slanted debates. Let’s have one side who truly espouses what is written here and the concerns here-in.   

Why haven’t Republicans with wealth created a similar Organization like the OFA immediately? The Funding groups for Republicans should immediately discover someone of incredible business acumen, well based Conservative philosophy and the heart of a successful warrior to create this entity to grow and nationally compete.  If the Republicans do not create similar structures and use communication technology to link conservatism in its many forms for better distribution and understanding to the masses, we will lose America as we know it.  A 501C(4) with strength and power to offset and provide balance to OFA is necessary!

Perhaps our well heeled Republicans who have benefited from an incredibly rich international investment market have simply fled America and don’t really care? Please care!