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A Timely Comparison

America’s Past & Present President:
By Hedgemastermb

This has been moments in time for America when similar comparisons take place in this country’s brief and proud history. While the past does not necessarily predict the future, it is important to ponder and compare these occurrences especially when it includes America’s leaders for it may well portend the future.

There was a time in our history as a younger nation many decades ago when a democrat lawyer successfully pursued a Professorship with a noted University and then took public office to pursue presidential politics, finally becoming the President of the United States. This time was the early 1900’s. The Republican Party at that time had become confused and republicans of note and reputation were combating each other with raucous debates. (Sound familiar to now?)

Because of those republican disputes, the democrat presidential candidate won. After the victory he was quoted as privately saying “Remember God has ordained that I be the next President of the United States. Neither you or any other mortal could have prevented that.” He had a favored facial expression of an almost stern righteousness.
Paul Johnson, a noted historian at the time, said about this President that he had, “a recognized self-regard of arrogance and smugness.” Johnson was right! This was the most self-assured and directed individual of that time. It was President Woodrow Wilson.
President Wilson, a Democrat and some say a socialist empire builder, became President in 1912.
His Good points:
Hesitated and delayed entry into World War1                                             
His second wife, Edith Bolling Galt, who was known as the “Secret President.” After Wilson’s stroke, she fought for and supported the Right of Vote for Women which she proudly accomplished in 1919. 
Stabilized the currency incorrectly

Questionable Points: ( Depending on ones politics) 
More than doubled the size and ranks of Federal Government:
Created the first National Income Tax (On the Rich)
Created the League of Nations (The model for the United Nations)
Created the Federal Reserve (Not necessary with Gold Standard)
Built an updated and larger Commerce Department
Built an updated and larger Labor Department
Passed the Liquor Prohibition Laws
Enhanced FBI greatly & added the beginning of ATF to police for liquor enforcement
Created the beginnings of a modern much larger and powerful IRS 
Increased the Federal Courts power and size dramatically
Resolved World War 1 poorly
Wilson wrote and spoke about his personal philosophies in an essay entitled “Leaders of Men” about leadership and government. Concerning Separation of Powers & Checks and Balances he wrote “The President is at liberty, both in law and conscience to be as big a man as he can! His capacity alone will set the limit.” In his assays Wilson said, “The competent leader of men cares little for the internal niceties of other people’s characters, he cares much, everything, for the external uses they can be put, he supplies the power.”

President Wilson also rejected much of Jefferson’s teachings in the area of a “Minimalist Federal Government”.  Wilson said, “While we are followers of Jefferson, there is one principle of Jefferson’s which can no longer obtain in the practical politics of America. You know it was Jefferson who said the best Government is that which does as little governing as possible, but, that time is passed! America is not now and cannot in the future be a place for unrestricted individual enterprise.” (This truly sounds like our current president) 

These statements seem in a very negative way directed at true capitalism and it’s more State oriented democratic control versus the vast power of central government. Wilson, by his stated beliefs and subsequent actions, socialistically believed that Central Government was the main provider not merely the instigator and government therefore should be controlled and used as much as possible by “One” leader. 

Wilson’s policies of building massive government overhead from 1903-1918, there-by creating inefficiencies and expense, may have been the main catalyst of what followed. The $25 Billion was a beginning in additional debt, an enormous amount at that time, spent by President Wilson for historic growth of ‘His” central government. After Wilson’s departure in 1921 a continuation of government growth running rampant was barely controlled. The unfortunate death of President Harding, and succession by Coolidge then Hoover allowed the debt expansion in government to evolve unchecked resulting in collapse, panic and the Great Depression. This was a deflationary depression. The US dollar was valuable and few citizens had many if any at all. (This fact is important to note!)                      
The Comparison:
We have today another Democrat lawyer who was a College Professor then President. Another who believes even more in the power of an individual president to rule a powerful Executive Branch controlled by the philosophies of one man, President Barak Obama. This is a president scornful of the other ruling parties and branches if they disagree even slightly with his directives. He is quite willing to negatively engage Congress in arguments and contests that may cause harm to the economy. President Obama is vindictive when rebuffed and imperiously blames all others as did President Wilson who berated and resented any meaningful opponent or proposal.

President Obama seems to believe, he as Chief Executive of Federal Government, should be an active partner receiving credit in any and all successes of private industry and business (“You didn’t build that by yourself”).  His willingness to invest monies into start ups that fits personal philosophies tends to remove separation between government and private business again much like Wilson. This President has gone dramatically far beyond most others in supporting personal preferences. It is necessary here to mention Socialism. Socialism’s primary active principles were somewhat in practice with Wilson and now even more with President Obama. Active sign posts of socialism according to its creator Marx are: 

All powerful Central Government – High Taxation – Government Programs controlling vast percentages of the population - Purporting to achieve Wealth Re-distribution – Government Agencies control of private businesses – Separation of  “Government or Tax Paid  Employment” from “Private Employment” in treatment. - Location and Confiscation of civilian weapons and finally - Tracking and Control of the population’s activities.

The question must be raised. Is this socialistic activity really occurring now in America? The answer is, YES!

Let’s review these Socialistic principals as they apply today in America:
  1. All Powerful Central Government and its Agencies - No one would argue that this President is pressing that facet of socialism.
  1. High Taxation - To be fair, President Obama’s higher taxes have not been as high as other presidents although his taxes and fees are many and increasing dramatically with ObamaCare.
  1. Wealth Redistribution - The type of higher taxes imposed by this President has been aimed at repositioning society with privately employed middleclass disappearing quickly and assent of government and their employees in favoritism and wealth! We have massive redistribution within society to a new and growing lower class aided by Organization For Action (OFA) a 501C(4) created by the President to promote his social agenda. (Historic)
  1. Government Control of Private Businesses - The Central Government’s attempted increase of legislation has been extreme. Especially with agency rules avoiding Congress and Senate to create policies inappropriately on private business and citizens which make up the majority being negatively affected?
  1. The President in creating “Exempt Groups” within ObamaCare. National legislation that creates divided citizenry is the most dangerous socialistic move he could have made. To make it worse it will be administered by the extra constitutional IRS! The President has the almost blind permission of his party.
Remember the large private corporations relocated much of their manufacturing in the 1970’s and early 1980’s offshore. They refuse coming back with real manufacturing jobs to America privately pointing to even larger and oppressing Government policies and the government Agencies. (Proof lies in Mexico where currently last year and this year many international corporations are building huge manufacturing and maintenance plants just miles from our borders creating tens of thousands of good jobs our youth could be taking).
 (PLEASE! Read “America’s Economic Future” for the real reasons at  A MUST READ!

Private weapons control is aggressively being pursued by this President. Is that to render the private population easier to control by various government forces? One supposes it is.

Unprecedented control and storage of information on the American population has been thoroughly enabled and imposed! Mysteriously the head and creator of the Present NSA has been quietly dismissed or resigned. WHY? 9 Generals have left since this president has been initially elected. That’s never happened before in our history. In other less democratic countries that would be labeled as “Coup Protection”.  
    1. The Patriot Act under the less-than-intelligent President Bush allowed a FISA Court (Not really a court) be allowed to approve unconstitutional  “General Warrants” Covert entry of dwellings, taping of conversation and filming of actions without “Individual Warrant.”  (It was supposedly for terrorists.)
    2. Now, this has gone far beyond! Now GPS sensors are mandated in cell phones and autos. WHY? These useful devices are capable of recording conversations in your home, turned on or off!  They record text messages, tweets and exact locations from cars and cell phones whether they are turned on or off.
    3. GPS should be a freely chosen or refused accessory! Why should all Americans be tracked? This is a Soviet Union mentality.  
    4. Drones are anticipated in the near future in numbers that are astronomic over our homes.
Why aren’t GPS in cars and cell phones voluntary as an option?  Shouldn’t this be government’s intent?   Why would press and other communication media not pursue this largest intrusion to privacy in our history? They have been Frightened. 

America’s health programs involving 17% of our entire Gross Domestic Product (GDP), is now under direct government control. That is historic. Much like President Woodrow Wilson’s government growth!  President Obama’s growth was won by under the table gifts to win votes and had no vote from an opposition member. This was greater and more politically powerful than all of Wilson’s consolidations of power in dollar value. This Obama health insurance will create taxes and fees that will hit all sectors with potential grievous effects on the private middle class. Much of government and other favored groups will once again be protected and exempted from this Act.  

President Obama’s delivery of dollars through the Federal Reserve and government incurring destructive debt ($17+ Trillion) will dwarf all other debt in our history. All of the Keynesian philosophy discounting the effects of this massive debt is very questionable.

President Obama’s prowess to decimate opposition far exceeds Wilson’s efforts. His willingness to create new and innovative ways to continue collecting donated funds from rich individuals for (OFA) while in office in order to wage this political war is unheard of in our history!

Through private tax free non-profit 501C(4) entities like “Organization for Action” (OFA) is historically unique for a sitting president. He will ask for funds from billionaires, promising favors for this private corporation that’s structured not to show the books. This has never in been done in history by any president.

President Obama retains loyalty from most Democratic sectors including most media even with historic unemployment and massive private middle-class destruction. To some it seems almost religious veneration! That is the greatest compliment and tool a president can have. From his pulpit he creates straw dogs like the “Tea Party” who wants to revert to the Constitution.    

President Obama, when and if he leaves office, will leave behind greater debt than all other presidents combined. Again, to be fair, this all began by eight years of financial and global blunders of President Bush. It has been added to by President Obama’s obvious belief in socialistic philosophy and practices that have never worked in history.

President Obama has only three years remaining to correct some of this damage. If he doesn’t he may be placed beside President Bush as co-equal part of this greatest disaster that could last for decades if there is still a democracy standing! 

The question is, will President Obama leave after two terms? The reason one must ask is that President Wilson had strong thoughts and plans to have a third term or extension. Only his stroke prevented the attempt.  President Wilson is rumored to have conjured special rules that may have allowed him to remain for a vaunted third term. He egotistically believed he was absolutely necessary to power.  Does President Obama harbor those same thoughts?

Economic questions for our financial experts:
Because your author is primarily interested in financial events of magnitude like Gold rising to historic highs or a global S&P rising to record levels; what must that signify?
Is it a lack of trust in our and other paper currencies? Does it further solidify globalism in manufacturing and growing consumerism’s power  in other countries? If that is the case, why would we believe totally in the dollar’s strength? 

Isn’t the S&P disseminated now as a global currency and its creation of wealth is not terribly related to the American economy except to the investor class? Are most American citizens now essentially consumers and our international businesses are not operating real manufacturing here as we were in the past with the exception of agriculture, right?

Why are necessary for life commodities like food and fuel rising dramatically against the purchasing power of the US dollar?  Roughly 20% increase in prices per year on average since fall 2008! That’s over 100% increase! In the fall of 2008 hamburger was $1.29, fuel was $1.80. Now it’s $3.59 for hamburger and $3.65 for fuel. A car that cost $10,000 in fall 2008 costs $18,000 today. The purchasing power of your US dollar where it counts is going down and nobody is saying that. Why not? Why do they have the word “Consumer” in CPI? (Please don’t use the word “Core”!)

Why are the jobs, coming to “The Americas,” now going primarily to Mexico and not the United States? Over 11 major corporations are currently in Mexico building manufacturing and maintenance plants.  (GE, GM $1billion, Goodrich, Honeywell, Cessna to name just a few) The reasons given are interesting. (Read “America’s Economic Future” for the real reasons at

Why is Canada’s or Australia’s currency going higher against the US dollar? Are they all predictive signs? Why did the IMF create two new reserve currencies, the Australian & Canadian Dollars?  Why is Japan and China, our two biggest debt holders calling for an end to the Dollar’s dominance?   

The results of the Obama’s Presidency, like the aftermath of the Wilson Presidency, is the probable coming of a “Great Monetary Depression”. Can one expect this outcome to be different?  It will, in all likelihood, be an “Inflationary Depression” not like the past Deflationary Depression. This will be where the US dollar is worthless with too many of them issued as opposed to a “Deflationary Depression” of the 30’s.  Be Aware! The rich’s wealth is gone or protected. It’s the Privately Employed Citizen on the hook!! Government Employees are protected!

If there is no danger, why are tax shelters in Bermuda booming once again? Why are moneyed individuals breaking down Singapore’s doors?  Let’s have a debate! There may be a short period of time to correct this Socialistic Direction!

There is an inviolable law. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” When Socialism appears, Capitalism disappears.

Coincidentally, when Capitalism appears Socialism in that current form disappears to the same extent.

If we want our wealth as it was in the 1950’s with 60% of our working population in global manufacturing to be once again a true world power, Socialism must disappear.    
Thank You!    

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