Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Gravest Danger

The Republican Party should sign a Clear Continuing Resolution (CR) immediately.

Beyond the above issue is a Matter so grave that it may well involve loss of our freedom and democracy! I made that statement at an assembly of citizens not long ago. “The Government and all Citizens must live by the same rules of a Federally Mandated Law equally with no exceptions.”

The reason this is vitally important is contained in many country’s history. Most Governments either become ineffective or are overthrown because of different treatment of “Favored Groups” over “Private Citizens’. At some point dissension occurs then deadly governmental repression responds. The Country deteriorates

The IRS as administrator of ObamaCare will pursue non-payment with Extra Constitutional powers. Shouldn’t that apply to all Citizens?  The “Favored Groups” would avoid this pursuit. That causes splits between our citizens resulting in anger at Presidential Rule and Law itself. Will this president choose to protect the “Favored Groups” or the average Private Citizen?  

Governments have fallen prey to this flawed concept. Monarch’s have been overthrown because difference in treatment of “Favored Groups” over the masses. Mao overthrew Chang with that very argument.  Our founding Fathers especially President Jefferson warned us about this very dangerous selectiveness of Federal Control!

All “Favored Groups” must be included in ObamaCare and we will have assurance of a decent program! “Separate Treatment” under a nationally passed law should immediately be legally challenged as it may well destroy our Country!

If this mandated Insurance program is good for citizens why would “Favored Groups” not be included in a “National Law?” This is very dangerous to split our collective society. If we pass National health Care, why aren’t all citizens included and treated the same? Is it right for some to have this “Favored advantage”?  NO!  

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